Today Microsoft unveiled their new edition to the Mac line up for Office and it is said to feature a much cleaner and sleeker looking interface the one which we had seen on the latest edition of Office for PC and also a new sharing feature has been brought to the product and that is the ability to share online all your documents using SkyDrive.  There is a new feature for editing which we believe might replace the Spell Checker. Their new upcoming Office suite is said to be more compatible with Windows than ever before. The new interface called the “Ribbon” is highly customizable and makes it easier for a user to select which tool required for typing. Also Entourage is taken out of the Mac line up to be replaced by Outlook and will also be compatible with all your Windows e-mail as well. The new version of Office for Mac is looking to be a winner. It has improved in various aspects and the future is looking bright for Microsoft as they are going in the right direction. Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is set to be released for sale sometime near the end of this year.