Just as Steve Jobs had spoken about how the iPad will change the experience in internet surfing. That was when the question came up "is there flash" according to what spectators saw during the keynote when Jobs was presenting a site was the familiar blue box with a question mark inside and instantly people knew that there was going to be no flash. To most of us that is going to defeat the purpose of internet surfing because most people need flash to satisfy their internet surfing. Well apparently relationship between Apple and Adobe is going the wrong way because Steve Jobs claims that Flash is too buggy and has caused many crashes in the Mac OS. Adobe on the other hand are desperately trying to clear up this situation because it will also affect them if there is no flash on the iPad and without any flash it might bring down the amount of consumers who are thinking of purchasing an iPad.  Right now there is no final decision yet as to what is going to happen but stay tuned as we will bring you more updates.

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