Just as Apple were very happy with the release of their iPad their arch nemesis Microsoft have taken a different approach and so far the way people are looking at it Microsoft is getting positive reviews. The Microsoft Courier is what it might be called is a booklet style tablet with two multi touch screens and also includes a camera we aren’t sure how many megapixels or all that detail just yet. Right now the iPad features no camera and comes with one 10 inch multi touch display. From the looks of it this might be the iPad killer as some would say. No specs have been released on this booklet tablet but it’s good to see Microsoft take a different approach against Apple and introduce a whole new way of tablet computing. This might change many people’s minds into buying a iPad or not but we also have to rely on the price which we don’t know as of yet. With the look of the Microsoft Courier coming Apple will have to think about how they are going to handle the business. What we believe is from the look of the features it probably won’t be in the same price range that the iPad is in. Stay tuned for more updates right here on 1-Mac.
Here is a (possible) picture of what the Microsoft Courier will look like:  

Picture by: www.gizmodo.com and nDevilTV